21 May 2016

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Built For The Next Generation

Pass your family recipes to the next generations, with a gift of lifetime measuring cups
that ensure that the same quality results are experienced. Gelindo's 4PCS Set of Stainless
Steel Measuring Cups, purely made with strong 18/8 premium quality stainless steel are
guaranteed to fit the bill. Each cup is neatly and clearly stamped with the measurements on
the flat handle, specifying cup size. It is virtually impossible to wear off these engravings,
so you can be sure to add the right quantity of ingredients all the time.

Avoid Messy Kitchen Accidents

The cups's flat bottoms help keep the cup firmly set on the counter; while the sturdy handles
provide balance during lifting. These cups will not tip over and waste your ingredients.
To keep things hygienic, safely clean the measuring cups in the dishwasher after use.

Storage Options To Suit Any Kitchen

With holes near the end of each handles, in addition to their nesting design; you have practical
storage options to suit your kitchen style. Nest them and keep them on a cupboard shelf or drawer;
or use the holes to hang them on hooks individually, or as a nested bunch to save space.

Here are a few of the Stainless Steel Measuring Cups?remarkable benefits:

- Compact and lightweight design

- Engraved measurements will never wear off

- Flat bases and sturdy handles for balance and weight support.

- Stylish, glossy look that is guaranteed stain-free

- The design saves storage space.

Purchase Gelindo's Stainless Steel Measuring Cups risk-free and enjoy our 1 Year Money Back Guarantee. Add To Cart now!

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